About Us

Diamond Wheels have been refurbishing Alloy Wheels since 2002. Starting with a mobile van going around making Smart Repairs on alloys round garages and private customers. Whilst working from vans it was identified there was a need for a full refurbishment service, the business quickly established a workshop that would allow full refurbishment and take the business to a new level for finish and service. Expansion brought them to Dunsinane Avenue where they installed a Diamond Cutting Lathe, The first to offer this service in Scotland. Prior to this wheels had to be sent South to "Diamond Cutting Specialist" The Business changed hands in the Autumn of 2015 to allow for further development and continues to work from its Dunsinane Avenue workshop. The take over by Wheeltech Dundee has brought over 30 years of Motor Trade experience , introducing some new ideas and improving best practice. It is committed to remain an independent local business. The business has established itself as one of the premier Alloy Wheel refurbishing centres in Scotland.