What is diamond cut?
This is an alloy wheel which has been designed to be cut on a lathe. A very small piece of the painted face of the wheel is machined off to leave a shiny alloy finish. It is then lacquered over to prevent corrosion. You will be able to see if your wheel is diamond cut if on close inspection it has the resemblance of a CD playing area you should see very fine lines created by the cutting machine and the appearance is very shiny. This may be harder to distinguish if you wheels are old or corroded.

 Will a diamond cut finish last?
Diamond cut wheels are not as durable or hardwearing as a powder coated wheel. Damage to the lacquer however small can allow water to work its way in-between the lacquer and the alloy leaving “cob web like patches” sometimes a milky appearance on the polished cut finish.

How many times can you refurbish a diamond cut wheel?
Depending on previous cuts a wheel repair could be carried out two or three times, however if the technician feels that the wheel will be compromised in any way and weakened they will not cut it. We assess each wheel individually and report back any issues the technician may have. It is important to inform the technician if you know if your wheel has been cut before.

Do I get a Guarantee with Diamond Cut wheels?
We give 6 month guarantee with all our Diamond Cut Wheels. It is less than our powder coated guarantee because the finish is less durable

Can I get my wheel touched in?
At Wheeletch Dundee we have decided to offer only a full refurbishment. There are a lot of mobile vans offering smart repair service, at a similar price of our full refurbishment. but we know the final finish is not good enough nor durable enough to put our name on. We give all our customers a reassuring 12 month Guarantee with our powder coating service. 

How long does it take?
Depending on the condition of the wheels and what is being done then anything from next day     (presuming we get the wheels at start of 1st day) to 3 days. Please ask for more details as the time scale is usually on an individual basis.

Do I have to get the wheels removed myself?
No. We are happy to remove the wheels for you and the car can remain at our premises for the duration of the work. If you are getting one wheel refurbished we can swap it over for your spare while you wait.

What Guarantee do I get with my buckle repair or weld?
Due to the nature of the work carried out we are unable to offer a guarantee for weld repairs. However we do guarantee our buckle repairs for 12 months. With that in mind if the damage is severe enough you may still see the cosmetic repair.