Powder Coat Process
For this process we remove the wheels from the car. The tyres, valve and balance weights are removed. The wheel is then fully immersed in a chemical stripping solution for several hours. This removes the paint, lacquer and debris from the wheel.It is then inspected for cracks, buckles and imperfections. The wheel is then smoothed off by hand. If there is a lot of corrosion the wheel is bead blasted in our special cabinet and any pitting can be filled at this point.

Please be aware that we will not repair wheels that we feel are unsafe, seriously damaged or the wheels structural integrity is compromised.

After washing the wheel its now ready for powder coating. This is done in the controlled environment of our spray booth and oven. For best results and better durablilty we cure the powder and paint at approx 190°C. Once cooled, we can apply whatever custom finish or paint effect available. There are a number of effects and colours available and we are happy to discuss your requirements and what we have available

Finally the wheel will get an application of powder lacquer to protect and highlight the colour. It is once again baked in our oven then cooled to offer a more durable finish. At this point we fit a new valve unless the car has TPMS where the old valve would be refitted. The tyre is fitted and the wheel is balanced prior to being put back on the vehicle. Tyres are inspected for safety prior to fitting and if required we do offer a tyre replacement service.

Please note: Our goal is to give your wheels the best finish possible. However sometimes the quality of the finish can depend on the condition of the wheels before we start the refurbishment.

The Diamond Cut Process
Diamond Cutting is a premium service that we offer our customers that creates a highly polished finish for your alloy wheels. Only certain styles of wheel can be cut and we would be happy to advise you further.

The process is very similar to the powder coat refurbishment. At this point you can arrange to have a colour change on you wheel.Once painted and prior to lacquering the wheel is given to our Diamond cutting technician who will profile the wheel and programme it into our state of the art Lathe, this teaches the Lathe how the wheel should be cut and then begins to remove a very small layer of alloy off the face of the wheel. After the technician is happy with the cut the wheel is handed back to the paint shop where a layer of clear lacquer is applied and cured in our ovens once again. Once cooled the wheel is quality checked new valve fitted tyre is put back on, balanced and then back on the car.

Air Loss in Tyre
Through time the inner surface of your alloy wheel can sometimes get corroded, this sometimes causes air loss in your tyre or what appears to be a slow puncture. Refurbishing the wheel will more than often sort this problem out as well as giving you a great looking wheel. Please call us for more detail.

Buckle & Weld Repairs
Investment in specialist hydraulic equipment has allowed us to work your alloys back to their original shape using a combination of heat and hydraulics. Reverting the wheel back to its round shape should help to stop any air loss and vibration the buckle may cause.

Because of the nature of this repair we can not guarantee all buckles will be repaired 100%. This is reliant on the sevirty of the damage We are happy to dicuss individual jobs on inspection.

Cracks in your alloy wheel can also develop from Potholes and other hazards on the roads. We can offer a professional welding service, either separately or as part of a refurbishment job.

Both Buckles and Welds are an extra cost over and above the Refurbishment process. We will not carry out this work without prior approval by the customer. Again we can not guarantee all repairs of this nature. It is reliant on the severity of the damage. Again we are happy to discuss this after inspection of the damage.

Split Rim Rebuilds
We are able to refurbish most split rim Alloys. The process is the same as Powder coat work with the added splitting and rebuilding of the rim. We also carry a small stock of Titanium rim bolts. Please call us for more detail.

Full Dip & Strip Only
For the budding DIY enthusiast we can offer this service to allow you to paint and lacquer your own wheels. Please call for more detail.

TPMS Replacemet and Servicing
We have invested in the latest computerised equipment that allow us to service, repair and replace Tyre pressure monitoring valves and sensors on your car if fitted. Please ask for more detail.